Here are a few common issues and how to fix them.

Mismatching signatures

If you are using the CLI in multiple environments, and particularly in an IDE like WebStorm, they may use different OS keychain environments so the local keys may not match: the reason why signatures are invalid.

To detect this problem you can, on Linux, install secret-tool: sudo apt install libsecret-tools, execute secret-tool search service dashlane-cli on every environment and check if the secrets match.

If they don't, you can fix the error by manually editing what is stored in the OS keychain using this command: secret-tool store --label "dashlane-cli@<dashlaneId>" service dashlane-cli account <dashlaneId> in the failing environment with the secret from the healthy environment.

RequestError: unable to verify the first certificate

In NodeJS the list of certificate authorities is hardcoded, read more here: nodejs/node#4175 (opens in a new tab). You can use an environment variable to add custom certs (see documentation (opens in a new tab)):

export NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS="/path/to/cert.pem"

See the issue #46 (opens in a new tab).