Listing members

Needs team credentials to use this command.

Fetching the list of members

Listing team members allows you to access many information about them, such as their email, their role, their 2FA status, their security score, etc.

dcli t members

Filtering the list of members

You can pipe the output to jq to filter the results:

dcli t members | jq '.members[] | select(.isTeamCaptain == true)'


Exporting the list as a CSV

You can use the --csv flag to export the list as a CSV file:

dcli t members --csv > members.csv

This allows you to open the file in a spreadsheet editor such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Human Readable dates

You can use the --human-readable option to output the logs with human readable dates.

dcli t members --human-readable

The dates will be displayed in the ISO 8601 format.

Note that keys ending with Unix will be converted to human readable dates and renamed to remove the Unix suffix.

Members interface

membersArray of objectArray of team members
members.userIdnumber | undefinedThe user identifier of the user
members.loginstringUser login (usually email)
members.statusstringMember status
members.joinedDateUnixnumber | nullThe join date of member in Unix time
members.lastUpdateDateUnixnumber | nullLast updated date of member in Unix time
members.isBillingAdminbooleanTrue if user is a billing admin, false otherwise
members.isTeamCaptainbooleanTrue if user is a team captain, false otherwise
members.isGroupManagerbooleanTrue if user is a group manager, false otherwise
members.emailstring | undefinedThe user's account email
members.isAccountCreatedboolean | undefinedIf user account is created
members.invitedDateUnixnumberDate user was invited
members.tokenobjectThe user's invite token
members.token.userIdnumber | undefinedUser identifier associated with the token
members.token.teamIdnumber | undefinedTeam identifier associated with the token
members.token.tokenstring | undefinedValue of the invite token
members.token.isFreshboolean | undefinedTrue if token is not used, false otherwise
members.token.inviteUserIdnumber | undefinedThe user identifier of the inviter
members.revokedDateUnixnumber | nullWhen user's account was revoked in Unix time
members.languagestring | undefinedUser's preferred language
members.nbrPasswordsnumber | nullNumber of passwords stored by user
members.reusednumber | nullNumber of reused passwords
members.reusedDistinctnumber | nullNumber of distinct reused passwords
members.weakPasswordsnumber | nullNumber of weak passwords
members.compromisedPasswordsnumber | nullNumber of compromised passwords
members.averagePasswordStrengthnumber | nullAverage password strength score
members.passwordStrength0_19Countnumber | nullNumber of passwords between 0 to 19 characters
members.passwordStrength20_39Countnumber | nullNumber of passwords between 20 to 39 characters
members.passwordStrength40_59Countnumber | nullNumber of passwords between 40 to 59 characters
members.passwordStrength60_79Countnumber | nullNumber of passwords between 60 to 79 characters
members.passwordStrength80_100Countnumber | nullNumber of passwords between 80 to 100 characters
members.safePasswordsnumber | nullNumber of passwords considered safe
members.namestring | nullUser's name
members.securityIndexnumber | nullSecurity index
members.twoFAInformationobject2FA information for the user
members.twoFAInformation.type'sso' | 'email_token' | 'totp_device_registration' | 'totp_login' | undefined2FA type
members.twoFAInformation.phonestring | nullPhone number for 2FA
members.twoFAInformation.lastUpdateDateUnixnumber | nullLast updated date of 2FA in Unix time
members.hasPublicKeybooleanTrue if user has a public key
billingAdminsArray of stringArray of emails of billing admins
pagenumberCurrent page of results
pagesnumberTotal pages of results