Dark Web Insights

Dark Web Insights Reports

Needs team credentials to use this command.

Dark Web Insights can identify vulnerabilities across all employees in an organization, even employees who don't have a Dashlane account yet. It does this by monitoring the dark web for employee email addresses to find domain-wide breaches and by scanning the web for any compromised organization information.

You can read more about Dark Web Insights here (opens in a new tab).

Fetch reports

The following command fetches the latest report from Dark Web Insights for a given domain you have previously configured and verified in your admin console:

dcli t dwi

Sort and paginate reports

You can sort and paginate the reports using the --order-by and --count options.

The --order-by option accepts the following values: DEFAULT, UNSEEN, TEAM_MEMBERS, PUBLISH_DATE.

The --count option specifies the number of leaks to fetch. The default value is 100. You can also use the --offset option to skip a certain number of leaks.

dcli t dwi --order-by=PUBLISH_DATE --count=10 --offset=0

DWI Report interface

leaksCountThe total number of leaks detectednumber
emailsImpactedCountThe total number of unique emails impacted by data breachesnumber
allImpactedEmailsA list of all emails that have been impacted by data breachesstring[]
emailsDataleaks grouped by each impacted emailArray

emails properties

emails.emailThe email address that has been impacted by data breachesstring
emails.breachesCountThe number of breaches associated with this emailnumber
emails.leaksA list of leaks associated with this emailArray
emails.viewStatusThe status indicating whether the DWI notification has been viewed'new' | 'viewed'

emails.leaks properties

emails.leaks.domainThe domain where the data breach occurredstring
emails.leaks.typesThe types of data compromised in the breachArray<string>
emails.leaks.breachDateUnixThe date of the breach in Unix timestamp formatnumber

emails.leaks.types possible values

phonePhone numbers compromised in the breach
passwordPasswords compromised in the breach
emailEmail addresses compromised in the breach
usernameUsernames compromised in the breach
creditcardCredit card information compromised in the breach
addressPhysical addresses compromised in the breach
ipIP addresses compromised in the breach
geolocationGeolocation data compromised in the breach
personalinfoPersonal information compromised in the breach
socialSocial media information compromised in the breach