GitHub Action

GitHub Action for Dashlane

This CI/CD GitHub Action allows developers to inject their secrets vault from Dashlane to their GitHub workflow.

Register your device locally

dcli devices register "action-name"

For more details refer to Dashlane CLI documentation (opens in a new tab)

Set GitHub Action environment secrets

Set the environment variable prompted by the previous step in your GitHub repository's secrets and variables.

Github Secrets

Create a job to load your secrets

Set the same env variables in your pipeline as well as the ids of the secrets you want to read from Dashlane starting with dl://.

    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: Load secrets
      id: load_secrets
      uses: ./ # Dashlane/github-action@<version>
          ACTION_SECRET_PASSWORD: dl://918E3113-CA48-4642-8FAF-CE832BDED6BE/password
          ACTION_SECRET_NOTE: dl://918E3113-CA48-4642-8FAF-CE832BDED6BE/note

Retrieve your secrets in the next steps

Get your secrets in any next step of your pipeline using GITHUB_OUTPUT.

- name: test secret values
      ACTION_SECRET_PASSWORD: ${{ steps.load_secrets.outputs.ACTION_SECRET_PASSWORD }}
      ACTION_SECRET_NOTE: ${{ steps.load_secrets.outputs.ACTION_SECRET_NOTE }}