Backup your local Vault

Backup your local Vault

By using the backup command, you can backup your local vault to a given directory and filename. The command will perform a sync prior to the backup to ensure that the latest data is pulled from the Dashlane servers.

The backup is a sqlite3 (opens in a new tab) database file containing all your secrets encrypted by your master password.

By default the backup file is stored in the current directory and named dashlane-backup-<timestamp>.db
dcli backup
You can specify the directory and filename
dcli backup --filename <filename> --directory <directory>

The database is composed of 3 tables:

  • device: contains the current device information and configuration (including your device secrets)
  • transactions: contains all the transactions that composed your vault (the type determines if the transaction is a password, a note, a credit card, etc.)
  • syncUpdates: contains the sync updates when the data was pulled from the Dashlane servers